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Assistant Associate Division

Mission Statement

The Northern California Assistant Golf Professional Division exists to provide golf professionals, who are seeking or have attained PGA membership, opportunities in education, tournament play and building professional relationships. All assistant golf professionals, and associates in the Northern California PGA Section are members of the Assistant Associate Division.

Connect on Facebook

The AA Division is now on Facebook with a group created to promote discussion and networking between NCPGA Assistants & Associates! Are you looking to carpool to the next tournament or did you have a question about your upcoming level 2 checkpoint? If so, Click Here to join our group today and start connecting with your fellow Assistants and Associates. If you are not already a member – join Facebook today!

Tournament Players Program

Prior to registering for an AA Division event in 2023, all players must register for the Tournament Players Program. This is a one-time $90 fee that is immediately reinvested into the player experience.


2023 Assistant-Associate Tournament Schedule

Click Here to see the AA Tournament Schedule

Co-Chair Information

Brooks Bultemeier, PGA



Will Manning, PGA


Proudly Presented By

Maui Jim

Jason Smith


Bryan Sterling (Sterling Golf Sales / AHEAD)


Andy Paisal


Greg Ciavarelli


Michael Klem