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Shelby Zell
Communications/Marketing Specialist
(707) 449-4742 |

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MSR Requirements

Member Service Requirements, MSR, is a requirement of PGA Members. The current cycle is Cycle 16: June 16, 2018 – June 15, 2021. Credit requirements consist of two categories: (a) 54 Total Credits, and (b) 36 PGA Required Credits which must be from Meeting/Education and/or Player Development. Learn more about the rules and regulations for the Member Service Requirement (MSR) as defined by the PGA Board of Directors.

If you were elected to membership during the current MSR cycle, the MSR Pro-rated Schedule (Form #102) outlines how many credits you need to meet the requirement. For more information on opportunities to earn MSR, please click here.

Workday ACH

As a member, you will need to enroll with the NCPGA to receive ACH payments and to eliminate the hassle of going to the bank to deposit your check! Two tasks must be completed for enrollment:

  1. Completed your Workday ACH Account
  2. Email NCPGA Team to let us know your account has bee created

Electronic payments will take approximately one (1) week after your ACH enrollment to process. For all future payment please allow two (2) weeks to process in the system before you receive payment.