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NCPGA COVID-19 Resources/Best Practices

Helpful Links 

California Relief Grant Program

California COVID-10 Workplace Powerpoint from CA/NV Chat 1/8/2021

12.3.20-Stay-at-Home-Order-ICU-Scenario State of CA



Back to Golf Resources:

Back2Golf Resources

Return to Work Post-Coronavirus Checklist from Ed Langhammer (CA/NV Chat Presenter, 4/27)

Unemployment Resources:

Unemployment Insurance Powerpoint from Ed Langhammer (CA/NV Chat Presenter, 4/27)

EDD to Assist with Unemployment 

Step by Step Unemployment Help 

Health Resources: 

California Dept of Public Health Office Roster

Department of Health and Human Services -Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health

National Golf Foundation: 

National Golf Foundation

National Golf Course Owners of America Resources

National Information/Resources:

Families First Toolkit

U.S. Bank Paycheck Protection Program 

F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks

U.S. Small Business Administration

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in California

Members Liability Program Flyer

Golf Professional Natural Disaster Best Practices Facebook Page


Other Helpful Links:

  • PGA.Coach (www.PGA.Coach)
    • PGA.Coach is the ultimate coaching resource that teaches PGA Professionals about American Development Model, and how to apply the concepts to coaching golf.  Once you complete the 2-3 training course, you will have access to the App and all its resources meant to help you be a better teacher and coach.
  • PGA Job Preferences (
    • It’s a good time to update your PGA Job Preferences.  It’s easy and takes no time at all.  This helps the PGA provide you with a list of targeted positions and career advancement services
  • Career Planning (
    • The goal of The Personal & Professional Development Model is to help you become the best possible version of yourself.  Through self-reflection, goal setting, honest assessments and planning, this program was created to help you create your own personal development plan for future success.
  • PGA Lifelong Learning (
    • The PGA Specialized Program is an online educational curriculum that supports the goals of PGA Members who are committed to excellence and furthering their career. It delivers “on-demand” access to training when your schedule permits and reduces time and travel costs associated with traditional training.
  • Resources (
    • Increase Revenue
      • Business Tool Kit
        • The Business Tool Kit has a variety of online courses like Online Revenue Management, Strategic Management Simulations, World Handicap System Tool Kits and more.  In addition, you can find the videos from past PGA Coaching Summits.
      • Playing the Game
        • USGA Rules of Golf Learning Tool
    • Additional Resources
      • Career Advancement
      • Career Services
        • Kendall Murphy, PGA ( is always available and a great resource for all PGA members
      • My Career
        • Revenue Scorecard and self-assessment tools
    • is OUR website.  Spend some time simply navigating through the site and getting to know all the resources available to us.  There is something for everyone!

COVID-19 Updates from PGA Leadership


NCPGA Facility Survey Results