2022 NCPGA Special Awards | December 4, 2022

On Sunday evening, December 4, 2022, the Northern California Section PGA honored the passion, ingenuity, skills, creativity and professionalism of 18 Section Members as our

Class of 2022 Awards Winners. These  individuals  portray exemplary accomplishments through the varied roles that are the DNA of a PGA Professional.

Congratulations to the NCPGA Special Awards Class of 2022!

Golf Professional of the Year – Ted Antonopoulos, PGA
Teacher & Coach of the Year – William Robins, PGA
Player Development Award – Jared Butts, PGA
Youth Player Development Award – Gene Bakkum, PGA
Assistant Associate of the Year – Connor McDaniel
PGA Professional Development Award – Andrew Workman, PGA
Bill Stausbaugh Award – Carol Pence, PGA/LPGA
Private Merchandiser of the Year – Kelsey Jo Holsten, PGA
Resort Merchandiser of the Year – Dave Zorn, PGA
Patriot Award – Tim Burr, PGA
Club Fitter of the Year – Tim Rezendes, PGA
Golf Course Superintendent of the Year – Matthew Dachowski
Salesperson of the Year – Richard Davison
Section Player of the Year – Tom Johnson, PGA
Senior Player of the Year – Mike Woods, PGA
Super Senior Player of the Year – Scott Hoyt, PGA
Assistant Associate Player of the Year – John Crater III, PGA
Women’s Player of the Year – Katherine Marren, PGA