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PGA Member Service Requirements

Catching up When you get Behind on MSR

You know you need to have Member Service Requirement (MSR) Credits to remain in good standing, but what happens when you get behind? Staying on top of your professional development often involves more than simply earning enough credits, and when the cycle lapses, you may find yourself designated as a Class “F” Member.

It is important to remember that in order to get caught back up, Class “F” Members not only need to earn the required amount of credits for the new cycle; they also need to earn the deficit requirements of the previous period PLUS the same amount of the deficit in the new period. Should a member fail to satisfy this requirement by the end of the cycle in which they were transferred to Class F status, his/her membership will be terminated.
Requirements as listed in the current cycle (Cycle 15A – 06/15/2015-06/16/2018) are as follows (from

  • One (1) credit per hour of service or participation as defined by the chart below.
  • A Section may require that all Section and Chapter activities be approved in advance.
  • Based on previously approved activities, established guidelines and Section recommendations, the National Office will approve the credits to be awarded for a certain activity. The Board of Control will determine the number of credits in all disputes and the Board of Directors reserves the right to make modifications to the requirements.
  • A participant may receive compensation for an activity.
  • Fifty-four (54) Total credits are required for a three-year cycle; at least 36 must come from Meeting/Education/Player Development.
  • Members who have attained a combination of years of active membership and age which adds up to 90 or more before the start of the Professional Development Program Cycle (June 16, 2015), shall be required to earn 12 MSR credits from the Meeting/Education/Player Development category only.
Activity Credits Earned
PGA Meeting & PGA Approved Education – Required Category
1 credit/hour of attendance
No maximums
Player Development – Required Category Credits based on promotion, conducting and reporting of Player Development Programs
Service to the PGA/Industry – Total Category
1 credit/hour participation
Maximum 8 credits/day
Golf Coach – Total Category Maximum 6 credits/MSR cycle year
Survey Respondent – Total Category
1 credit/Section survey
2 credits/National survey
Maximum 8 credits/MSR cycle year
PGA Tournament Participation – Total Category
2 credits/Section event
4 credits/National event
Maximum 8 credits/MSR cycle year
Merchandise Show Attendee – Total Category
2 credits/show
Maximum 4 credits/MSR cycle year
Media Related Articles – Total Category 1 credit/article
Maximum 6 credits/MSR cycle year

Total MSR per cycle = 54

Meeting/Education/Player Development Category = 36

To learn more about these requirements, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions at